The K-Pot Experience

K-Pot is a Korean BBQ with several locations throughout New Jersey. They offer the options of BBQ, soup, or both. The materials are given to you raw and it is explained how to cook them if it is your first time.

When looking on a yelp article, in one of the comments, someone named, Thomas K., gave the restaurant a one-star rating. He only liked one out of the six dishes ordered and thought the food wasn't good. He said that the grill was small and staff inattentive so a big group would have trouble getting enough food cooked. In addition to this, he also said that the food for the BBQ had too much sugar and burned up easily.

The only plus side is that the place has high ceiling and well ventilated.  Lucky for them as they have constant burning grills.

I would have to completely disagree with Thomas. I have been there several times and it is amazing. I always do both the BBQ and the soup because it is so good. He was talking about how the staff was inattentive but it is a cook your own type of place. The staff cooks the food for you if you've never been there before but normally, you do have to cook it all yourself. It is also very easy to cook all of the food. My first time there, the waitress was very friendly and cooked all the food for us while also explaining how to do it. Every time after that, we've done it ourselves without a problem and with minimal help from the waiter.

Thomas also mentioned how the grill is very small and hard for a big group to get all the food cooked but they have larger tables for bigger groups. Those larger tables have more than one grill that makes it a lot easier for big groups to eat. A group of six or more is not sharing only one grill.

I would 100% recommend going to K-Pot because their food is delicious and it's a much different experience from one you would normally get at a restaurant.

You can find Thomas K's review along with a lot of others on this page.

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