Love Me Hug Me

What It's About

Love Me Hug Me starts off with you walking into a room and watching a 15-minute long short film about a couple , Modesto and Lolis. Modesto has Alzheimer's and it is stealing their memories from him. The film features several different characters who live in a retirement home and are going about their daily lives. Though the story is about Modesto and Lolis, the film follows an elderly man who had just moved into the home and another man trying to show him around and introducing people to him. He watches as Lolis, a perfectly healthy elderly woman, spends her day taking care of her husband as his Alzheimer's progresses.

Seven Separate Rooms

In addition to the room where the movie is played, the exhibit has six other separate rooms, each of which tell a different part of Lolis and Modesto's story. Immediately after the movie, you step into a room filled with butterflies and featuring a short poem.

If I forget you, will you love me again?

Somewhere on the wall of each room, there is a small paragraph explaining the story behind it, helping you understand the story and characters a lot more.

Would I Recommend It?

Though I did have fun in the exhibit, I would not completely recommend going to it unless the only thing you want to do is take cute pictures for instagram. It is a very nice looking place but that's mostly what it is. The film was enjoyable but there wasn't much else to do after besides go through the rooms, take pictures and leave. The reviews online do mention that this experience might not be worth it if you're looking for something more in depth. There are also some inconsistencies with the story portrayed in the movie and told in the separate rooms.

If you are interested in the experience, the pop-up was extended until March 24th.

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