Liberty Science Center After Dark

What is the Liberty Science Center?

The Liberty Science Center is a place located in Jersey City that offers activities for people of all ages aiming to, "inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and excite learners." Things you can find here are live animals, a 3D theater, a planetarium, and so much more!

When I first heard about the Liberty Science Center, I had really wanted to visit because back home in PA, we had the DaVinci Science Center. Having fond memories from there, I really felt the urge to visit. Unfortunately for me, a friend had told me that the LSC was "for kids" and to not go. Months passed by and I believed that I wouldn't be having a good time if I went until one day I stumbled across an advertisement for LSC: After Dark. My interest was peaked and is how I ended up in LSC After Dark: Pajama Party.

Pajama Party!

Every third Thursday of the month LSC has a 21+ themed night where you can dress up to what the theme is, party, drink and learn something new. There were a lot of fun activities included in the pajama party was mixing oils to "cure our ailments", putting condoms gourds in the dark, making face masks, creating dream catchers, and navigating through their dark tunnel just to name a few.

Fumbling in the dark? Think of the Monarch!

We were greeted at the stairs to the main floor with endangered species condoms to bring awareness.

There were also a variety of food trucks inside and several options of alcoholic beverages to wash your food down with.

One of my favorite parts was creating the dream catchers and mixing oils together to use as aroma therapy.

Building a pillow fort was definitely at the top too!

The main floor had a DJ and dance floor which my boyfriend said was his favorite part.

A lot of their regular exhibits were still open and on top of that, there weren't long lines of kids waiting for their turn!

Overall, it was definitely a fun experience and I will be going back to the Liberty Science Center for another night of fun.

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