Cleaning Tips For Busy Young Adults

If you're a college kid or young adult with a busy life, it can be hard to keep up with regular maintenance of an apartment, dorm, or house. Dishes seem to pile up, there's a thickening layer of dust on everything, and walking around without shoes gets gross. It's easy to let the mess get worse until you finally decide to clean it but it can take the entire day or longer. Here I have a few tips for you guys on how to keep your apartment clean and avoid a huge mess.

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Cook and Clean at the Same Time

Chances are, most of us don't have dish washers. My apartment certainly doesn't! A newer habit of mine to keep dishes out of the sink is to cook and clean at the same time. I've been cooking a lot more recently due to current events and my dishes just kept pilling up at first. I would leave them in there for days without doing anything and only cleaned them when I ran out of ones to use. It was disgusting to clean them after so long and they stank up my kitchen. A great solution to this would be to prepare your food, stick it in the oven or pan and leave it cooking while you do the dishes you just made from preparing the food and anything else that might have been in the sink already. It's an easy habit to form and better than leaving dishes for days until you find motivation to do them. Cleaning the plates that you used right after you are done using them is also a great solution for keeping your sink empty.

Clean One Room A Day

Some of you are too busy to have one cleaning day a week but you can keep your apartment clean by doing one room a day. Waking up an hour or two earlier every day before work or school might seem like a hassle but it can help maintain your apartment if you don't have time during the day. Dedicate that hour to just one room every morning. Not only will you be creating a good habit but it can help you wake up and get moving for the rest of your day.

Don't Just Leave Things Out Of Place

This one might seem like a no brainer but a lot of people struggle with putting things back where they belong. We take things and put them in places they shouldn't be and leave them there until we need them again instead of putting them in their rightful spot. A good example of this is laundry. A lot of people do laundry, leave it in the bag or basket and never hang it up. They just keep taking clothes out of it when they need them and it can leave a big mess. It can lead to mismatched socks and missing articles of clothing.

It is very important to put things back into place after you're done using them. Leaving things as they are can lead to clutter and mess which is something you should be trying to avoid. They can even become obstacles and you might get hurt if you trip on anything while walking around. Take those dishes to the kitchen with you when you get up, hang your clothes up after you wash them, and put your shoes back in the closet after use.

Have a Trash Can in Every Room

Let's face it, if you're eating a candy bar in your bedroom or sorting through some papers, you won't want to walk all the way to the kitchen from your room just to throw something away. You'll leave it on the dresser or desk and say you'll get to it later but that later might be days and by then you'll have accumulated more than just a few pieces of trash. Keep a trash can in every room to avoid having trash lying around. I always have a trash can next to the toilet, bed, fridge and sofa for easy access. Here are some you can get cheap off of Amazon:

Sweep and Swiffer at Least Once a Week

A lot of dust and dirt can come in from outside or simply accumulate naturally around your home. You'd be surprised how fast your floors can get nasty which is why it's important to sweep and Swiffer at least once a week. I always sweep first to get all of the bigger things off of the floor such as paper and cat litter. Swiffering is to get all of the hair and dust that the broom can't pick up too well and wet swiffering is the finishing touch to leave your floors looking perfect. I will never be able to emphasize what a great cleaning tool the Swiffer is. If you are more comfortable with it, you can just skip the broom and use the Swiffer to collect a small pile while also getting rid of dust. These are two I found off of Amazon:

Details Matter

Something as small as dusting ledges and putting shoes in the closet instead of letting them sit out can make your apartment look less messy. Make a list off all of these small things to remind yourself and this list can be unique to you. Personally, I always have to make sure I wipe down my window ledges and baseboard heaters. They get very dusty and it isn't something someone normally thinks of cleaning because we're always focused on the bigger tasks. Making it part of your one room a day routine can work miracles for the appearance of your space.

Final Thoughts

An unclean space can lead to unwanted stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Having a clean space can ease some of that anxiety and make you feel better. Try some of these tips and let me know how they work for you in the comments! Also let me know of any subjects you may want to read about involving young adult and college life. Follow me on Pinterest @jamiesonmonty and on Instagram @seekyourexperience. Show me what you've been up to on IG by using the hashtag #seekyourexperience and tagging me. Be sure to subscribe below so you can be the first to read my newest posts. I post every week!

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